Monday, January 4, 2010

Hunt Info Update

Unfortunately due to Real Life I have to make a few changes to the hunt, but thankfully nothing drastic. The weekend before the hunt starts (Jan 30 and 31) I will be moving in RL and unavailable until hopefully sometime Feb 1. I have put some very close and trustworthy friends in charge of this hunt for when I am gone and will be sharing all hunt info with them. So while I am gone you may contact the following people:

Beary Michigan
Kaylee Osterham
Coach Landar

I will have a notice sent out sometime this week to the hunt vendors with their store numbers and LMs. Jan 24 I will have the hunt items sent, I will need to do a run thru with your cupcakes out by your hunt sign Jan 28, your hunt item will not need to be in it and hidden until Feb 1, if you wish to hide it a day early you may. PLEASE make sure your hunt item is set to buy for L$0! I will also need hunt hints to help my co-orginizers have a smooth run thru Feb 1. I want to thank all of you for helping make this hunt possible. All futher information will be sent out over a notice when the cupcakes are given out.

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