Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick update

Store 179 *~*evie*~* has a new hint for cupcake 2:

'This cupcake will help you win a prize at Midnight'

Later tonight I'm hoping to update the blog with new hints and surls

~<3 Crasher

Monday, February 15, 2010

New hint for 060

060 Wild Creations sent in a new hint!

HINT: Feeling kinky? try piercing your belly button

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stores to skip during the hunt

*SnS* 015 ::LiQuiD SuGaR:: MAINSTORE - Removed From Hunt (No reply from Owner)
*SnS* 022 Crayon Creations Texture Playground - Dropped from Hunt (Left the Sim without a word)
*SnS* 092 Grimorio - Removed From Hunt (No Sign Of Owner)
*SnS* 106 A&S Designs - ( No sign of Owner, No cupcake set for sale )
*SnS* 119 Leri Miles Designs Main Store - Dropped From Hunt
*SnS* 120 Donna Flora - Abandon Hunt (Sold Sim, told to contact several different people)
*SnS* 140 Locke Couture -LC- - Removed From Hunt, no cupcake set out, no word from owner
*SnS* 147 YeeVoo Designs - Removed From Hunt, No cupcake set out, no word from owner
*SnS* 160 Confederate Rose @ Infinity - Dropped From Hunt, no cupcake or sign out, no word from owners
*SnS* 167 Os Gatos - Removed From Hunt - Owner has not been on since Dec '09
*SnS* 191 Trashy - Removed From Hunt - No Reply From Owner, Not set to sale

Hunters should following these links to get to the next place:
14 - 16 :
21 - 23: ( Already fixed inworld )
27 - 29: ( Already fixed inworld ) * 28 Owner: In Hospital
91 - 93: ( Already fixed inworld )
105 - 107:
118 - 121:
139 - 141: ( Already fixed inworld )
146 - 148: ( Already fixed inworld )
159 - 161: ( Already fixed inworld )
166 - 168: ( Already fixed inworld )
190 - 192:

Personally to the Vendors of this hunt who was KIND enough to keep us informed of situations with them, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for staying in on the fun. I know the hunters also appericate the wonderful things you have made for the hunt.


Monday, February 1, 2010


001 On cloud 9
002 Eye see you
003 No hint given
004 Hint giver at store
005 The wise old man says "Out with the old and in wiht the new."
006 There was once a beautiful gothic lolita doll stuck in her beauty designed box. She was shown off in the store for months until a single buyer saw her and knew she was him. He purchased the beautiful doll and ever since then her doll box has been shown off for other dolls to get their own custom boxes in hopes of finding their perfect matches. It is in honor of the doll and the beautiful box she was encased in that you will find the cupcake.
007 Hint giver at store
008 Shapes are important
009 You should sit down and eat this sushi
010 The bunny ate it so must be in...
011 Follow the candy trail
012 Pandas and Elven has seen it <3
013 Fresh is always best
014 Mardi Gras is so exciting
015 Removed from hunt
016 You have been framed
017 Hint giver at store
018 Little Jack Horner sat in his corner eating his Christmas pie. He put in his thumb and pulled out a plumb and said 'What a good boy amI!"
019 That cupcake is trying to keep things censored
020 This little cupcake has found her daddy, boy does he look angry.
021 Will I get smarter??
022 Removed from hunt
023 Teddy bears tea party
024 Hint giver at store
026 Tickled pink
027 It's a bird, it's a plane! No it's a bird!
028 Currently in hospital please skip to 029
029 Look for the big red heart
030 How about a milkshake to go with that cupcake?
031 SKINed alive :O
032 Stay in contact!
033 Hint giver at store
034 Hint giver at store
035 No hint given
036 No hint given
037 No hint given
038 ...and it stood still, pressed against the cold stone wall...
039 No hint given
040 No hint given
041 A good dessert should be kept in the cold
042 Cupcakes like to be together
043 No hint given
044 No hint given
045 Make sure to click her book to join! (and get a little extra on the side)
046 Before cupcakes are cupcakes, they need to be backed
047 If you remember how you found this store..remember to get your gift! (and more)
048 Betcha didn't know cupcakes could climb rope!
049 Cupcakes..the best part of an unhealthy meal!
050 Vanessa is at it again (stealing my gifts for you). and she loves her sweets. Better grab it from her work area before she eats it!
051 If you are will be in the right spot
052 No hint given
053 Shall we dine? Open the cupboard and you will find your cake!
054 Where would you find a cupcake, in a cupcake store?
055 No hint given
056 Lemina's weekly highlight is sugary sweet
057 I'll just put this cupcake up here where it wont get rained on
058 No hint given
059 A cuppiecake? Head upstairs and lets have a jammie party!
060 Love spins around here
061 Location may change daily, hint giver at store
062 No hint given
063 No hint given
064 No hint given
065 This hunt is OuT-Rage-ous
066 Japanese school girls love cupcakes
067 this cupcake likes to hang around...
068 This sugar high literally has you up a wall!!
069 I <3 Cupcakes
070 No hint given
071 No hint given
072 To find this sweet we have hidden here, follow the path of Venus
073 To the post office you should go with this in hand
074 Trail leads to greater treats
075 No hint given
076 Just hanging around
077 Think food fight!
078 No hint given
079 No hint given
080 No hint given
081 No hint given
082 Hint giver at sign
083 No hint given
084 No hint given
085 No hint given
086 No hint given
087 Splish splash I was taking a bath Candlelight and music bubbles and perfumes but to make it complete a snack in a bath!
088 You should bend over :-)
089 No hint given
090 No hint given
091 No hint given
092 No cupcake out, owner contacted
093 No hint given
094 No hint given
095 No hint given
096 No hint given
097 Hint giver at store
098 Cupcake online! Snatch it quick!
100 No hint given
101 Ah but there are three hundred and sixty-four unbirthdays!
102 Sit down have a drink...see what the barman has in his inventory
103 hint giver at store
104 No hint given
105 Hint in a box at landing point
106 Look where the ltters are
107 Hint cupcake at sign
108 No hint given
109 No hint given
110 No hint given
111 No hint given
112 Thin cupcake likes to hang around near neko paws
113 No hint given
114 A lil home in the woods with a yummy treat
115 Come dine with me
116 No hint given
117 Are cupcakes good for the skin??
118 SINGLES do likes sweets too (especially sweet KITTYS) if they POSE for photos!
119 Left hunt
120 ...can't reach...:(
121 She brings offerings
122 If you find the bag you can bring your cupcake home
123 Trying you luck at the boards? you have a SMALL chance..might as well nibble as you wait.
124 No hint given
125 It's very hot, don't burn your hand
126 No hint given
127 The sun seems to be too bright today, I can't see anything... What can I do?
128 hint giver at store
129 No hint given
130 No hint given
131 No hint given
132 No hint given
133 No hint given
134 This cupcake has a greenthumb
135 Cupcake 1 Ballet hats are all the fashion, but a cupcake treat is more my passion
135 Cupcake 2 Under the tank that says 'All that' you'll find a treat to make you fat!
136 No hint given
137 No hint given
138 No hint given
139 Melts in your mouth, not in your hand
140 Removed from hunt
141 If you were a Police Officer you would find your prize here
142 No hint given
143 Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the sweetest of them all?
144 No hint given
145 Follow the candy trail and find your obsession
146 No hint given
147 Removed from hunt
148 Find the tallest lamp
149 I think I'll sit and eat this cupcake
150 No hint given
151 No hint given
152 No hint given
153 No hint given
154 No hint given
155 Paz is the new Pez! Rawr!
156 Cupcake 1 We are sold out of this item, look for the nearest chair
156 Cupcake 2 Don't you just love 2 tone items in red?
156 Cupcake 3 The eyes have a way of following you around the room hehehehe
157 No hint given
158 No hint given
159 No hint given
160 Removed from hunt
161 No hint given
162 No hint given
163 Whyfor art thou Romeo? A cupcake by any other name would taste as sweet
164 No hint given
165 No hint given
166 Hint giver at store
167 Removed from hunt
168 No hint given
169 No hint given
170 Beware of domo! >:[]
171 Who knew A lil' cupcake in the light makes it more yummy!
172 No hint given
173 This sweet treat is not too far. It's hidden near the balloon stars.
174 No hint given
175 Cupcake 1 Look for a cupcake a golden shelf. It's sitting there all by itself. Close by a Shimmer All in White. The Goddess shop holds its secret tight!
175 Cupcake 2 Amother cupcake on a shelf - But this time it's not by itself. If you're a bookworm take a look. This cupcake sits by a book.
176 Diamonds and cupcakes are a girl's best friends
177 No hint given
178 No hint given
179 Cupcake 1 I like to hide in corners
Cupcake 2 Opposites attract
180 Cupcake 1 Snacks and sweets are all but fun--hidden behind a sign is cupcake number one
Cupcake 2 Black and white things go moo, hidden on a square is number two
181 Consuming too many sweets always gives me a sugar high!
182 No hint given
183 No hint given
184 No hint given
185 No hint given
186 Listen to the little stick guys walking about inside the main store and at port in
187 No hint given
188 Look above it's on something blue
189 No hint given
190 No hint given
191 No hint given
192 No hints given
193 I can't reach it, it's too high

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Everyone! Coach here!

We're getting close to the hunt date and the stores are whipping something yummy in their kitchens!! (...if they have kitchens O_oU) So to try and control our sweet tooths I thought I REALLY get your mouths watering showing you previews!!

'A Touch Of Ireland' has whipped up this delightful dessert to make your jaw drop! I tell you if we could eat SL I gobble this dress down ;) Ladies! Don't miss out on this baby!

...and I know a lot of us who love to nibble on the side while we're hunting for goodies. Well 'PNP Potpourri' made this ADORABLE candygiver!! Hey, I may be a Bishie, but who DOESN'T love candy?!

Now taking a sideway trip, I gotta admit this... I LOVE DONUTS! I mean I am Homer Simpson MADLY in love with donuts!! THANKFULLY '*~*RnB Designs Furniture*~*' made a dare I say...a furniture set that you could sink your TEETH into!

'Venus Fashion' has whipped up a set for our male and female hunters in our first event! So ladies drag your fellas down to the store, take their grunge outfits or WHATEVER they had on to make you gag and get them to wear this little beauty ;) It's classically yummy!
Just a taste of what's to come ;) More soon!!

(Crasher and Jadekoi NOT responsible for Coach's postings ;P)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hunt Info Update

Unfortunately due to Real Life I have to make a few changes to the hunt, but thankfully nothing drastic. The weekend before the hunt starts (Jan 30 and 31) I will be moving in RL and unavailable until hopefully sometime Feb 1. I have put some very close and trustworthy friends in charge of this hunt for when I am gone and will be sharing all hunt info with them. So while I am gone you may contact the following people:

Beary Michigan
Kaylee Osterham
Coach Landar

I will have a notice sent out sometime this week to the hunt vendors with their store numbers and LMs. Jan 24 I will have the hunt items sent, I will need to do a run thru with your cupcakes out by your hunt sign Jan 28, your hunt item will not need to be in it and hidden until Feb 1, if you wish to hide it a day early you may. PLEASE make sure your hunt item is set to buy for L$0! I will also need hunt hints to help my co-orginizers have a smooth run thru Feb 1. I want to thank all of you for helping make this hunt possible. All futher information will be sent out over a notice when the cupcakes are given out.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

200 Mark reached!!

We have currently hit wout 200 store mark. I apologize for nto posting sooner as the holidays have kept me very busy. Any and all applications recieved will be held if anything should become available before the hunt starts.

For the Vendors:
Please make sure you're hunt signs are out with the correct LM. the new starting point is on Imperial Island. If the LM you have is for Emerald Island please update your sign. I will be doing another run thru this week.

The hunt item is a cupcake, it will have copy/mod permissions. I will have them all sorted out and sent to you by Jan 24 over notice.