Thursday, December 31, 2009

200 Mark reached!!

We have currently hit wout 200 store mark. I apologize for nto posting sooner as the holidays have kept me very busy. Any and all applications recieved will be held if anything should become available before the hunt starts.

For the Vendors:
Please make sure you're hunt signs are out with the correct LM. the new starting point is on Imperial Island. If the LM you have is for Emerald Island please update your sign. I will be doing another run thru this week.

The hunt item is a cupcake, it will have copy/mod permissions. I will have them all sorted out and sent to you by Jan 24 over notice.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

LM run thru and blog update

I'm leased to say the LM run thru was completed with lil issue. A few LMs are being updated and I will continue thru with the applications over the week.

As for the blgo update the Vendors List is TEMPORARILY removed until I can update it with the current listing of shops. There will be NO SURL links on this blog. I will have a spreed sheet done up for vendors to insure I have the correct LMs.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I apologize for not updating sooner like I hoped. The house my family and I are renting was put on hte market for sale, so I've been spending many days keeping the house clean for last minute showings before winter hits. Here's what I'm hoping to acomplish this weekend:

-Catch up on newest applications recieved

-A full run thru on all current lms for the hunt to see what needs to be updated where.

I ask that vendors please please please make sure I have any and all updated LMs by Sunday night to ensure an easy run thru. I do know a few stores closed or dropped from the hunt. Remeber all LMs and Apps go to Crasher Melody.